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 Start   10/01/2019
  End  05/31/2020

01/08/2020 15:26:48

We think it's time to change the way Internet surfing works. We know that search engines and social media platforms make billions of euros with their users ?data and online advertising. But they keep all the profit without sharing anything with their users, which is unfair. That is why we changed the way Internet surfing works by letting our users benefit from using the new Encores Browser.

Advertise on Every Single Website In the World
Encores Token
 Start   10/01/2019
  End  05/31/2020

01/27/2020 16:09:08

Internet advertising is one of the fastest growing and most profitable sectors of our time. For the first time in history, the Encores Browser makes it possible to advertise on every website worldwide! You can also receive Encores Tokens for everyday surfing. You will be able to exchange your Encores Tokens for advertisements that would normally have a minimum value of 5 euros on other websites. You will also benefit from the success of the whole Encores ecosystem with our ETH Rewards that are distributed with every Encores Token.

Vectorium In CryptoEnergy we trust
Vectorium Plus
 Start   10/31/2019
  End  02/15/2020

12/21/2019 06:32:56

About Vectorium Plus Vectorium Flash is mineable from everyone, and it’s based on the lastest codebase implementing saplingand overwinter security support. A faster blocktime allows you to send and receive coins in a matter of milliseconds. Vectorium Plus is a green convertible coin based on blockchain technologies that allows you to store amounts of value. Enhanced with built in powerful Proof of Stake system. After 4 years, you’ll be able to convert any of your coins into corporate equity.

 Start   12/01/2019
  End  04/30/2020

01/08/2020 15:34:39

ARC IRIS HYDROGEN ecosystem is the world's first mining project to protect the environment through a unique energy concept, making bitcoin mining not only highly profitable,utilizes the power of nature.

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