EquityAlert.com is a financial portal for investors and companies to communicate and tell their stories. EquityAlert is revolutionizing this process by providing the platform to effectively get their news in front of active investors and investors and opportunity to receive this information in real time.

EquityAlert becomes the only investor relations tool public companies can utilize on a social platform stage where the companies are in control of the material being issued and are in control of the reactions and answers.

EquityAlert is currently in development of several disruptive technologies for the financial markets, not only for investors to make better investment decisions and tools to assist with this process but a big focus in on public companies with ground breaking opportunities to make sure these messages get heard throughout the market place.

We have designed a platform that gives companies the opportunity to eliminate several heavy monthly costs they currently carry and provide them with a one stop shop for all their investor relations needs . Investors get a access to the information companies are issuing, forums, live interviews, market updates and more in a social environment to share and talk about investment ideas.

We are changing the way investors and companies communicate and are regularly finding new advancements to make these features better.